So you've learnt the basics of how to learn Skateboarding and you're now ready to buy a Skateboard of your own! There are so many different shapes, sizes and brands out there so where do you start?

The first question you need to ask is do I buy a kit to assemble or an already built Skateboard? Kits can be cheaper if you know what you are doing but for the beginner I would recommend getting a ready-built board.

What dimensions should my board be?

There are some basic guides you can go by, based on your height:

Under 4’ = 29” or smaller

4’ to 4’10” = 29” to 30” long

4’10” to 5’3” = 30.5” to 31.5” long

5’3” to 5”8” = 31.5” to 32” long

5”8” to 6’1” = 32” to 32.5” long

Over 6’1” = 32.4” and up

When deciding on the skateboard’s width, it all depends on how big your feet are. The average width is around 7.5” to 8" wide, but can be wider or narrower. If you have larger feet, get a wider skateboard deck and likewise, if you have smaller feet, get a narrower deck.

How much should I pay?

There are many cheap skateboards available out there and you need to be careful if you decide to but one on the cheap. Here are a few guidelines to bear in mind when choosing a cheaper skateboard:

1. Wheels - Good quality wheels are made of urethane. If they are made of plastic or rubber then keep walking!

2. Bearings - If the wheels don't spin freely, or there's any grinding sound then the bearings are no good. Look carefully at the bearings. They should have a rating of ABEC 5 or greater.

3. Trucks (axles) - The heavier the better, although not too heavy! They should also come with rubbers inside.

4. Plys - Plys are the strips of wood that are pressed together to make the skateboard deck. The industry standard is 7 plys of Maple. 

5. Price - If it's under $50 US it is too cheap.

These are general guides only. 

6. Brands - If you can, get to a store and check out the range of stock. Ask questions of the sales assistants as to what are good quality brands. Make sure you ask around and check out reviews from some of the Skateboarding magazines.

Once you have decided on your board you need to then look at some of the other important Skateboard Equipment.

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