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Skateboarding is now considered not only a fun hobby but a legitimate sport. As with all sports there is specific equipment that one needs to consider when taking up Skateboarding. Now if its your children that want to take up skateboarding, safety and proper equipment become even more important. You may like to consider Skateboarding Helmets, knee pads and elbow pads and of course, Skateboarding Shoes.

If you were to do a random google search for skateboarding shoes you would be overwhelmed with the vast array of shoes currently on the market. You can spend anything from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars on a pair not to mention the variety in brands, shapes, colours and designs of shoes made for the skateboarder.

However, choosing shoes will probably be one of the easier choices for you to make with your children. As with other safety gear, kids will not be keen to wear helmets and knee/elbow pads, but will often wear shoes as long as they look fashionable!

Here's some points to consider when choosing Skateboarding Shoes:

1. Are they comfortable and fit your child's foot well? 

Chances are your kids will spend many hours skateboarding so you want shoes that fit properly, won't fall off or cause blisters.

2. Do they offer support and good balance as well as protection for the ankle as well as the foot?

3. Do they have good grip?

It's hard enough to stay upright on a skateboard without having slippery shoes that offer no grip.

4. Shoes should be fairly flexible and be able to stand up to a lot of force.

5. There are special laces available that are made a lot tougher and less prone to breakage than your standard shoe laces.

What brand should I buy?

Some of the more reputable brands include DC, Vans, Globe, Osiris, Nike SB and Emerica. Be aware, though, that some of these brands attach a high price tag to their shoes. So know your price limit before you start your shopping.

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