No matter how skilled a skateboarder you are (or think you are) you will eventually crash or come off your skateboard. AND... it doesn't take much to do some damage to one of the most vital parts of our body... OUR BRAIN! Many countries have also set laws which require a skateboard helmet to be worn when you are skateboarding. 

Important points to remember:

  • Buy a skateboard helmet, not a bicycle helmet - they are specially designed to protect you while you are skateboarding and often offer more coverage than bicycle helmets.
  • The best interior foam for skateboard is probably Expanded PolyPropylene (EPP). It looks like bike helmet foam, but feels a little bit rubbery. Unlike bike helmet EPS foam, EPP recovers and is good for the next hit.
  • This may seem like common sense but make sure you actually secure the skateboard helmet to your head! A helmet that will just fall off your head is absolutely useless if you come off and land on your head.  Make sure also that the strap and buckle are strong.
  • Make sure your skateboard helmet meets the industry standards of your country. You should find a sticker telling you as much inside your helmet. Ensure it is Skateboard standards and not Bicycle standards.
  • A good Skateboard Helmet shouldn't need replacing every time you fall or crash. Keep an eye on the straps and buckles though and replace if necessary.

What Does a Skateboard Helmet Do?

  • A skateboard helmet softens the impact when the foam inside crushes or slowly deforms.
  • The hard shell on a skateboard helmet holds up under multiple impacts. 

What Brands are good to buy?

A reputable brand of skateboard helmet is one that is dual certified (ASTM and CPSC). Such as Arc Freestyle, B-2, Pro Tec, Free Agent and Mirra.

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