The company (whose been in business since 1992) 'Element Skateboards' was originally known as 'Underworld Element'. Almost as popular as the company itself is the red, black and white logo. Element Skateboards have adopted a philosophy similar to that of the martial arts. Their logo represents the 4 elements and they encourage an environmentally friendly skate culture.

Their skateboards...

Element Skateboards offer a variety of board styles, to cater for all varieties of boarders:

1. The high impact boarder - Element Push: Featherlight Helium deck with carbon fibre inlays. For extra strength and greater shock displacement, Element Push contains an epoxy inlay.

2. Helium: An Element Featherlight skateboard includes 5 patented air frame chambers. It is the lightest full size deck, includes thin veneers, performance concave yet is still stiff and responsive.

3. Twig: Element Skateboards thinnest and lightest deck. Ideal for the young boarders.

4. Thriftwood: Made from 7 ply maple. This is your traditional deck.

5. Fibrelight: Great for pop! Element Skateboards thinnest board. Contains fibreglass inlay.

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